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Sustainability + Innovation

OPTYVA endeavors to always remain on the front lines of mitigating climate change and restoring Earth Connection. We engage with organizations of all sizes to inspire and guide the path toward authentic sustainability. Through our Integrated People – Planet – Purpose Sustainability model, we empower organizations to honor their sustainability leadership and discover areas for evolution and measurable impact. When an organization embodies authenticity and care, people take notice. The time is now to reconnect with our precious ecosystems and communities to cocreate a regenerative, resilient blueprint for our future generations to thrive in abundance.

Our Sustainability services include:

  • Strategy, mission and vision statements that incorporate sustainability and higher purpose

  • Sustainability policies and procedures, including redefining roles and career pathways 

  • Environmental impact assessments      

  • Environmental mitigation and restoration plans

  • Life cycle assessments

  • Resource conservation 

  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories

  • Organizational carbon neutrality

  • Sustainability reporting - internal and external, including CDP and GRI

  • Employee training and awareness

  • Business ecosystems and external stakeholder guidance

  • Elevating sustainability stewardship and leadership impact

  • Supporting environmental and social causes through contributions and volunteering

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