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Business Strategy + Intelligence


OPTYVA has had the opportunity to advise many diverse clients (across industry and size) to inform marketing, planning, strategy, innovation, development, and overall business decisions. We have successfully helped establish and relaunch numerous brands by guiding the overarching planning cycle, managing multi-stakeholder groups and implementing execution strategies and performance measurement for both marketing and operational efforts. We implement proven strategies that deliver value, and also provide critical metrics to inform future decision-making.

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Dreamclinic (Marketing Strategy Development and Execution, Marketing Project Management)


Dreamclinic boasts 10 years of award-winning massage therapy and wellness services in the greater Seattle area. The company brand is well-known by loyal clients for its caring staff, talented therapists and focus on healing the body through massage, acupuncture and other healing modalities. The philosophy at Dreamclinic is that massage and healing therapies are an essential part of overall health – much like nutrition, exercise, and rest – and cannot be overlooked. Dreamclinic’s goal is to generate greater awareness of the importance and benefits of massage therapy, and in turn, grow their business through differentiated and unparalleled service both in-clinic and onsite throughout West Coast workplaces. In February 2013, Dreamclinic was preparing to move their headquarters location to a larger, more volume-appropriate building. Future plans also included expansion of the business from two clinic locations in Seattle to multiple locations throughout the greater Puget Sound region. OPTYVA was brought on board to help Dreamclinic executives develop and execute a Marketing Strategy that would grow the client base, increase current client visits, successfully launch the relocation of the flagship clinic, and support a go-forward expansion plan and programmatic launch blueprint. OPTYVA provided guidance in the areas of executive leadership, strategy analysis, pricing and packages, promotion schedules and strategies, graphic identity, staff restructuring, location scouting, custom photography and more to guide Dreamclinic through successful relocation and expansion. In addition, each of the individual projects pertaining to these Marketing strategies was managed by OPTYVA. Our strategic guidance and management have helped Dreamclinic fill appointment books, generate awareness and brand recognition and successfully re-launch the flagship location. 



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