Digital Media Solutions

OPTYVA's holistic approach to Digital Media begins with comprehensive needs-based segmentation and targeting to identify and understand the stakeholder and target market landscape, mapped across a full spectrum of connected marketing channels and mediums. From traditional web campaigns and social media strategy to the creative use of the internet and other emerging connection points, we constantly seek out innovative ways to connect and build lasting relationships with customers. We balance our strategy with location and audience intelligence, offering full a 360-degree perspective for real-time learning, agility, and robust decision-making. We offer Custom Digital Solutions such as HTML5 applications, web design and development, e-book and interactive guide development, custom animated videos, and much more.

Related Case Studies:


A Billion Thanks, Mandela Website (UI/UX, Interface and Platform Alignment, Content Development, Design, Web Development and Deployment, SEO, PR)


Inspired by the courageous, world-changing life of Nelson Mandela, OPTYVA’s client and strategic partner, Nate Miles, was determined to share his gratitude for the great Madiba, and provide a platform upon which others could freely share their thanks, and ultimately inspire everyone to change their world for the better. As Madiba’s health waned, we felt moved to swiftly design, develop, test and deploy so that as many people as possible could contribute their thoughts and wishes while he could still receive them. We integrated targeted tags to improve SEO. Our development team customized the website to (voluntarily) gather information about those who participated in sharing and spreading gratitude in order to create a community ready to inspire global change. In addition, our team coordinated PR practices including drafting, editing, and finalization of the related press release, and social media outreach campaigns to generate public interest and site activity. We also worked with several high-profile participants to spread the word through their networks. After the passing of Nelson Mandela, we are still working to encourage individuals to share their thoughts of thanks on the website (via social media and email campaigns) and have plans to create additional, aligned sites poised to leverage the community built on this one to promote and engage change leadership. 





Interactive Buyer’s Guides for Microsoft (UI/UX, Interface and Platform Alignment Across Sites, Content Development, Design, HTML5 Development and Deployment, Marketing Results Reporting)


OPTYVA’s customized, interactive web guides help users navigate through a series of options in order to easily find relevant information for a particular product, service or scenario. We have created nine custom buyer’s guides (including those for Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and are in the process of creating more) of these interactive HTML5 applications, which are housed on various Microsoft product and licensing websites. Based on Customer Services and Support data, we collaborate with Microsoft product and licensing experts to create these easy-to-navigate applications, which drive customers towards purchase portals and reduce call center volume and related services costs. While building out the functionality of these applications, we integrate user engagement tracking tags into each function of the application to monitor and measure user behavior and needs. As an ongoing service, we also extract and transform raw data into actionable management insights, informing future product development and customer support scenarios. The various applications are housed on multiple product websites across the Microsoft Organization, yet maintain a consistent UI and UX, aligned with brand standards to improve ease of use and familiarity across all of the products. OPTYVA also made recommendations to the various product groups’ web teams on how to improve the page functionality and layouts which house the guides. OPTYVA manages the design, content development, legal approval, scheduling, budget, and development of these apps.