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Community Mobilization


OPTYVA believes Community Mobilization begins with collaborative dialogue and decision making by individuals and organizations committed to the cocreation of a truly sustainable world. We designed our OPTyvist platform to aid community members and leaders in devising new methods to guide our society back onto the path of a sustainable future. OPTYVA empowers communities to bring vibrant, transformative movements to life – harnessing the power of social media and cocreative experiences, we inspire conscious action in balance with keeping the joy of the sustainability journey at heart.


Services offered include, though are not limited to: community outreach, awareness and engagement, event planning and strategy, social media strategy, digital community engagement tools, videography, photography, branded promotional materials, event performance measurement, administrative and operational management, community funding models/resource mobilization, evolutionary leadership, and people performance optimization.


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OPTYVA currently supports Lilly USA; specifically, their VP of Strategic Initiatives Mr. Nate Miles with his Marketing Communications and Social Media/Digital Media Strategy. From Web Design, Photography and Videography to SEO, eMarketing campaigns, and Social Media Management; we handle all of the aforementioned and much more.

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