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Brand Essence 


OPTYVA believes that in order to truly understand a brand, one must connect first with its true meaning and purpose that we refer to fondly as “Business Soul.”  We work to determine vision, mission and values conception; which then informs voice and tone. Once we have established and developed a brand’s essence, we can then create a logo and brand signature that truly exemplifies the deeper meaning and purpose behind the brand. OPTYVA uses our public relations and communications assets to create brand-aligned, customer-facing content that represents what the brand truly wishes to communicate. These targeted, customized communications allow for more compelling connections between businesses and customers. OPTYVA has developed multiple logos, style and brand guidelines, and collateral pieces using our unique brand essence discovery method. 

Related Case Studies:


Dreamclinic (Logo, Branding and Identity Guidelines, and Collateral Development)


Dreamclinic boasts 10 years of award-winning massage therapy and wellness services in the greater Seattle area. The brand is well-known by its loyal clients for its caring staff, talented therapists and focus on healing the body through massage, acupuncture and other techniques. The philosophy at Dreamclinic is that massage is an essential part of body maintenance and health - much like exercise and eating healthfully - and cannot be overlooked. Dreamclinic’s goal is to generate greater awareness of the importance and benefits of massage, and in turn grow business through their differentiated and unparalleled service. In February 2013, Dreamclinic was preparing to move their headquarters location to a larger, more appropriate building. Also in view was the desire to expand the business from two clinic locations in the Seattle area to a third location in the Bellevue/Redmond area. In order to do so successfully, OPTYVA was brought on board to provide strategic guidance and rebrand the established company in order to increase recognition through an identifiable logo and Marketing strategy. OPTYVA’s design and strategic team worked with Dreamclinic executives to develop and refine its “Business Soul” from which all creative and strategic decisions could be based, which established branding and identity guidelines. Dreamclinic wanted its logo to express the heart-centered care that the therapists provide while remaining general enough to represent future growth (i.e. additional products and services). OPTYVA also directed and photographed a custom image bank for use in current and future collateral. The resulting logo, photography, collateral and strategic decisions have helped fill Dreamclinic’s appointment books as well as generate awareness and brand recognition in the new Bellevue/Redmond market.

Sacred Source Healing Arts (Logo, Branding and Identity Guidelines, and Collateral development)


Sacred Source Healing Arts is a holistic healing and skin care business located in Seattle, Washington. While Sacred Source provides unsurpassed esthetician services, it is unique in going beyond the surface to heal the heart, body and mind energetically. Sacred Source had previously garnered new clients via word of mouth, but needed a more strategic and tangible method of growing the business. OPTYVA worked with the owner of Sacred Source Healing Arts to identify the core essence of her brand - a term we call the “Business Soul.” We guided the owner through various exercises and techniques to determine exactly what should be communicated in any visual or textual representation of the brand. From these exercises, we were able to develop a foundation upon which all other aligned communications and collateral could be developed, akin to branding and identity guidelines. Then, we worked with the owner to create a unique logo that truly represents her business vision and identity, and clearly communicates her brand to potential and current clients (women aged 21-99 in the greater Seattle area). The result is a beautiful logo communicating heart connection and healing touch through graphical and color elements. We then employed the logo on Sacred Source’s business cards, which have grown the client base and demand, and helped Sacred Source Healing Arts increase brand recognition in the area. 

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