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Launch Readiness

OPTYVA's Launch Readiness solution extends well beyond our top-notch project management, into serving as the connective tissue between core business initiatives, stakeholders, and audiences to ensure that everyone yields their highest contribution to the overall success and impact of a product or program launch. We add value to any organization through attention to detail, strategic planning, reliability and comprehensive capabilities.

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Microsoft Worldwide Licensing and Pricing Operations (Marketing Program Management).


OPTYVA supports Microsoft’s Worldwide Licensing Pricing (WWLP) Licensing Operations Division in managing and orchestrating key program, product and services launches, both within the WWLP organization and across all major Microsoft product groups.  Our end-to-end launch execution support includes:

•Establishing launch requirements, virtual teams, meeting cadence, and business impact profile on the cross-division marketing roadmap.

•Conducting launch risk workshops to assess and mitigate potential launch blockers.

•Internal communications, reporting and progress updates to key stakeholders and senior leadership.

•Supporting the on-going development and data collection of the custom tracking tools – the single repository for complete marketing           roadmap information.

•Solutions-driven project and program management.

•Integrated marketing and communications.

•Leadership and organizational development.

•KPIs, data analytics, and data visualization.

•Cost reduction and mitigation.

•Conducting post-mortem research and publish launch summaries to continually inform and refine on-going launch practices.


OPTYVA’s previously managed launches include: Office 365 & Yammer, Office 2013 Wave 15, AOS-G, Dynamics CRM R9, Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV/GP, Embedded OS, Updated Open, Windows Intune, Office 365 Education and Government, Windows Server 2012, SQL Server, System Center 2012, Server and Cloud Enrollment (nominated for WWLP Launch Award for Excellence), Windows Enterprise Licensing Update, TechNet, Azure Marketplace 2015, Microsoft Azure Compute Option 2015, "Artemis" Partner Channel & Syndication Program 2014, Enterprise Mobility Suite 2014, Enterprise Cloud Licensing 2015, Intune Wave D, Office 2015, Office 2016, Partner Quotes 2014, TechNet for Software Assurance Retirement 2014, Windows 10 2015 and Windows Enterprise Licensing Update 2014.

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